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Business 9 March 2021

$200 million stolen in 5 days via DeFi

In the last five days, three DeFi exploits have taken place and a total of $200 has been stolen from these projects; here’s how it happened.

Editorial 16 February 2021

I just solved DeFi

Ethereum is one giant computer that requires all of its parts to move across each threshold together—making the entire network only as fast as the slowest node, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

Business 8 February 2021

The first DeFi exploit of 2021

Yearn Finance was exploited on February 4th, which makes Yearn Finance the very first victim of a DeFi exploit in 2021.

Editorial 6 January 2021

Will DeFi come to BSV?

There are a lot of opportunities for DeFi products to prosper on BSV and it is only a matter of time until the tools to get them off the ground launch.

Business 31 December 2020

The DeFi hacks of 2020

Patrick Thompson takes a closer look at the DeFi hacks of 2020, and how the attacker was able to pull off the exploit resulting in the loss of at least $154 million.

Business 18 December 2020

DeFi platform Warp.Finance loses $8 million

DeFi lending platform Warp.Finance has been exploited for $7.7 million by way of a flash-loan attack; the attack comes just one week after Warp launched.

Business 14 December 2020

$8 million stolen in unusual DeFi hack

Nexus Mutual founder Hugh Karp had his personal wallet hacked which resulted in over 370,000 NXM ($8 million) being stolen from him.