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Christine Leong - CoinGeek Presentations
Business 5 February 2024

The look of identity in the highly digital world

In her keynote presentation at the Digital Pilipinas Festival 2023, nChain CIO Christine Leong discusses the importance of having a decentralized digital identity as the world pivots to Web3.

Gold bitcoin crypto currency coin
Business 2 January 2024

Is Bitcoin decentralized?

While BTC has a higher hash rate that makes it more secure to a hash attack, it does not equate to it being more decentralized due to its lack of scalability and the absence of P2P transactions.

3D illustration global modern creative communication and internet network map connect in smart city
Business 28 November 2023

Paper Synthesis: Decentralized development

In this paper, Dr. Craig Wright zooms in on decentralized systems and how such networks have the potential to unlock innovation, promote collaboration, and empower people on a global scale.

Bitcoin White Paper banner
Editorial 31 October 2023

Bitcoin White Paper Day: #15

As we observe this 15-year mark of the Bitcoin white paper, we must remain attuned to the need for continued innovation and vigilance against the forces of obfuscation and centralization in the space.

Blockchain technology digital and global concept
Tech 16 October 2023

Doctoral study components: Blockchain technology

This study argues that blockchain's language barrier challenges regulators to accurately understand and assess the tech, potentially leading to flawed and inconsistent regulation across jurisdictions.