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Business 13 July 2023

The Ordinals Nomads: Unifying the Bitcoin tribes

In this piece, Kurt Wuckert Jr. explores the concept of Ordinals Nomads and how their existence represents a bridge between the fragmented factions within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin crypto currency and finance concept
Editorial 16 May 2023

Bitcoin token war 2.0?

The future of Bitcoin and its tokens remains uncertain—will the digital currency community learn from its past and find a way to reconcile its differences, or is another civil war inevitable?

Kurt Wackert Jr., Ordinals
Editorial 6 February 2023

Inordinate Ordinals for ordinary Bitcoiners

Twetch came out with a bunch of tooling within 48 hours of the public explosion of Ordinals NFTs and launched a mint of 69 “Planetary Ordinals” to kick off the party.