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Adam Black on CG
Editorial 29 February 2024

Adam Back was wrong—Blockchains do scale

Blockstream CEO Adam Back was a witness to the COPA v Wright trial last week, and on the stand, he made several statements, likening changing the rules of Bitcoin to changing the rules of chess.

Image of Dr. Craig Wright with background of glass building and palm trees
Business 9 October 2023

Craig Wright appoints leading law firm as new UK counsel

Dr. Craig Wright has appointed market leading tech law firm Shoosmiths to take over all of his U.K. cases as he gears up for a packed legal calendar, signalling one, single-minded focus: victory in January’s joint identity trial.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. and Bitcoin
Tech 29 December 2022

BTC hash power centralization

Industry players behind the BTC software control the hash power, while companies with weak cash positions and low debt suffer, cementing BTC's position as a 'very, very' centralized system.

Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 8 November 2022

Nothing is over!

In 2022, we should be excited about Mastercard running atop of Bitcoin, but we have messed around for too long while letting the lizards steer the ship.