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Business 29 October 2020

Crypto Crime Cartel: Blockstream needs Bitcoin to fail

Blockstream perpetuates the problems faced by Bitcoin knockoffs and then offers its own solution to those problems, while attempting to destroy and censor the better solutions that already exist.

Business 19 October 2020

Is Taproot new BTC malware?

For years, advocates for Taproot and Schnorr have cited increased efficiency and added “privacy” because Schnorr aggregates signatures together at the protocol level.

Editorial 3 August 2020

Bitcoin has a red history

We have arrived at a community of nominal libertarians who support price-fixing, production quotas, and who are decidedly against utility, Brent Bevear writes.

Tech 15 April 2019

Dr. Craig Wright: Bitcoin is built for accountability

In his latest Medium post, Dr. Craig Wright discusses the work he’s put into patenting Bitcoin, the scammers that just want to help criminals, and the ultimately accountability he always planned for Bitcoin.