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CG - Seasonal Campaigns - First Bitcoin Transaction
Events 12 January 2024

The first Bitcoin transaction: 15 years later

Fifteen years ago, the first Bitcoin transaction was recorded on chain, opening the world to the endless possibilities of an electronic peer-to-peer cash system that Satoshi Nakamoto has designed.

Bitcoin Independence
Editorial 15 November 2022

Hash war revisited

The story of the BSV/BCH hash war is a brutal chapter in Bitcoin, and it laid the groundwork for much of what has transpired since, but that story has been told a few times.

Thank you, Satoshi banner
Business 31 October 2022

Bitcoin white paper day—Thanks again, Satoshi!

Fourteen years after Satoshi released the Bitcoin white paper, few understand it—most Bitcoin advocates have abandoned the idea of a P2P electronic cash system and bought into the digital gold wholesale.