Marcin Zarakowski and Cyrille Albrecht on CoinGeek TV

Stewards of the BSV blockchain protocol: Marcin Zarakowski and Cyrille Albrecht join CoinGeek TV

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Stewardship of the protocol and empowering the builders—these are the two guiding missions of the BSV Blockchain Association, says managing director Cyrille Albrecht. In an interview with CoinGeek TV, Albrecht talked about how the association is pushing BSV blockchain adoption among developers, enterprises, and governments.

The association has grown and evolved greatly since it launched in 2020. It’s now involved in BSV blockchain hubs, public outreach, lobbying, education, marketing, providing developers with tools, and more, Albrecht told CoinGeek TV host Kurt Wuckert Jr. In his role as the director, he strives to bring all these together and create synergies between the various departments.

Marcin Zarakowski in an interview with CoinGeek TV,

“The association was founded to embody the spirit of a body that’s supposed to steward the Bitcoin protocol for the greater good,” Marcin Zarakowski, the managing director of Token Recovery, said.

This noble role was delegated to the association by Satoshi Nakamoto, he noted. Aware that he won’t be around forever, Satoshi wanted a legal structure to protect his legacy and provide development tools to the blockchain community.

The decision to be based out of Switzerland was strategic, Zarakowski added. Being a Swiss non-profit organization opens doors for the association, especially with governments, he says.

Marcin Zarakowski and Cyrille Albrecht in an interview with CoinGeek TV

In time, the association has evolved to target developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond. This includes those building on other chains like Solana and Ethereum, as well as developers who have never built on the blockchain. Recently, it has also been targeting entrepreneurs who don’t write code but have a blockchain business idea, as well as enterprises that want to integrate blockchain technology.

“We can’t neglect any of these groups,” Zarakowski added.

There are still gaps that the association needs to address, Albrecht acknowledged. This includes making the BSV blockchain easier to build on by providing the necessary tools, documentation, and education.

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