Blockchain commerce (bCommerce) through Bitcoin is the next step in the evolution of business, whether on the scale of nations or multinationals, or the much more intimate space between a buyer and seller, online or off.

CoinGeek is in the business of realizing the original Satoshi Vision of Bitcoin as the world’s new money and global public blockchain for commerce.

To help us do that, we are looking to invest in Bitcoin and blockchain technology innovations, especially ones that push the boundaries of what can be done or show a new way of doing things.

We are looking to invest in the next wave of bCommerce innovations.

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Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is much more than the price chart you see on cryptocurrency exchanges. It has real-world utility and value for businesses and consumers.

Bitcoin is capable of simultaneously sending massive amounts of data and financial payments, and this is only possible due to Bitcoin SV’s massive scaling capability.

Bitcoin SV also aims at being regulation-friendly. The BSV ethos has always been about acting responsibly and respecting the law. This would help businesses as well as ordinary folk in adopting Bitcoin as it encourages laws and government guidance.

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Bitcoin SV provides stability, scalability, security and safe instant transactions that will greatly benefit businesses as the world moves further into a digital business landscape.

CoinGeek’s Bitcoin Ventures seeks to innovate blockchain technology here and now by providing support to Bitcoin projects.

You could have the next blockchain application ideas that can be developed on top of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Maybe all that’s stopping you from realizing your vision is the need for financial resources. CoinGeek has the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

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Latest Tech News

close up image of bitcoin placed on blue circuit board
Tech 29 November 2023

Bitcoin is the exchange

sCrypt released a blog and implementation of token limit orders using Bitcoin script—an evolution of the on-chain Order Lock technology, allowing purchases of tokens and NFTs directly on-chain.

3D render AI artificial intelligence technology
Tech 28 November 2023

Microsoft challenges Nvidia, Intel with new custom AI chips

Microsoft unveils two new chips—the Maia 100 AI chip and the Cobalt 100 arm chip—with the former said to compete with Nvidia in pricing, while the latter is set to rival Intel in general computing.

AI technology in agriculture image concept
Tech 26 November 2023

Japan turns to AI-based robots for agriculture

Japanese farmers embrace AI as Agrist's cucumber-harvesting robot excels and Inaho leases a tomato harvester to a Dutch farm, hinting global expansion amid heightened regulatory scrutiny in Japan.

Panda Wallet logo
Tech 23 November 2023

Panda Wallet: On-chain, open-source, and interoperable

Unlike previous Bitcoin wallets, Panda Wallet, which runs on the BSV blockchain, is open-sourced, has web application APIs, and fully supports 1Sat Ordinals token.