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Zetly case study
Business 17 July 2024

Zetly case study

Zetly is making a real difference in shaping the future of sports and entertainment through its technological and strategic efforts to integrate blockchain, NFTs, and other emerging technologies.

London Blockchain Conference 2024
Business 3 June 2024

Is code law? Rules applicable to blockchain networks

At #LDNBlockchain2024, Marcin Zarakowski hosted a panel on the subject of 'code is law,' tackling the difference between law and rule and whether we need rules for public permissionless networks.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Business 8 December 2022

The law is coming for DAOs

DAOs are not decentralized as they claimed to be, according to Bitcoin Association’s Marcin Zarakowski, who noted that these entities are connected to those deploying them or benefitting from them.