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Latest Tech News

Artificial intelligence concept
Tech 3 hours ago

Intel, African Development Bank to train millions in AI

Intel has joined hands with the AfDB to train three million Africans and 30,000 government officials in AI, as the region is lagging behind in AI development.

Microsoft company
Tech 12 June 2024

Microsoft bares update for incoming Recall feature for AI PCs

With the Recall feature, users of AI Copilot+ PCs can access apps, links, or media files without surfing through multiple folders and with Microsoft ensuring that privacy is still being upheld.

Chinese students walk through an entrance of Fudan University in Shanghai
Tech 11 June 2024

Fudan University’s 100 AI courses to boost digital literacy, AI talent

The Chinese university plans to launch over 100 AI courses for its students across several faculties, with early plans to offer 60 courses in the fall semester.

US Flags Flying Beside the Battleship Missouri memorial
Tech 10 June 2024

US Navy wants to make its ‘Paranoid’ blockchain software supply chain system available

PARANOID can be of use outside naval operations, with the U.S. Navy seeking its commercialization to the private sector, which it says would help improve the development of the system.