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London Blockchain Conference 2023: BSV blockchain powers entrepreneurs, businesses, and countries

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The London Blockchain Conference (LBC) was a three-day event held from May 31 to June 2, 2023. Preceding the conference was a preliminary event called the Block Dojo and BSV Blockchain Association Spring Party held at Drake & Morgan in King’s Cross. This gathering provided a fantastic opportunity to socialize and meet new people before the main conference commenced.

The conference aimed to showcase real-world applications and enterprise-grade technology built on the BSV blockchain. It featured insightful presentations and panel discussions on how the BSV Blockchain is empowering enterprises and industries, as well as exploring future possibilities.

The lineup of speakers and presentations at the conference was truly impressive. Many individuals were working on groundbreaking projects, and I had the privilege of personally meeting, shaking hands with, and chatting with them. You can find links to the presentations at CoinGeek and on the London Blockchain Conference’s YouTube channel. In this article, I will highlight the projects of those I directly interacted with during the conference.

Impressive Presenters and Projects

Stephan Nilsson – CEO and Co-Founder of UNISOT
Nilsson explained the advantages of triple-entry accounting in their Web3 Supply Chain Traceability and Sustainability platform. One of their notable projects involved tracking and tracing seafood from when it was caught in the sea until it reached consumers’ plates. Today, their services extend to various agricultural industries and even construction.

Marquez Comelab with Stephan Nilsson - CEO and Co-Founder of UNISOT

James Belding – CEO of Tokenized
Belding and his team developed a tokenization and smart contracting platform that enables individuals, businesses, and governments to tokenize various assets. From discount coupons and event tickets to digital currencies and copyright licenses, Tokenized offers comprehensive solutions. They recently released their Tokenization software for desktops, and I plan to explore it in a future video.

Marquez Comelab with James Belding - CEO of Tokenized

Brendan Lee – Elas
Elas provides enterprise-level services to companies utilizing the BSV blockchain. Their offerings include software development, blockchain APIs, and blockchain consulting to help businesses integrate blockchain technology into their models and processes.

Marquez Comelab with Brendan Lee, founder and CEO of Elas

Xiaohui Liu –
Xiaohui Liu, known for his previous work at Facebook (NASDAQ: META), has developed a smart contract development platform for the BSV blockchain. Individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations can leverage this platform to create smart contracts, which are increasingly becoming essential in the future of business. Visit to learn more and start exploring the world of smart contracts.

Marquez Comelab with Xiaohui Liu, CEO and Founder of

Jordan Kramsky – Amazon Web Services
Kramsky, the Solutions architect for startups in the EMEA region at Amazon Web Services, sees the cost reduction and efficiency benefits that the BSV blockchain can provide for the needs of enterprises and corporations.

Marquez Comelab and Jordan Kramsky Solutions architect for startups in the EMEA region at Amazon Web Services

Jessica Jaume – Gate2Chain; Dr. Agata Slater – IBM
I also watched a presentation by Jessica Jaume, Operations and Business Development Manager of Gate2Chain; Dr. Agata Slater, Blockchain Strategy Consultant of IBM; and Patryk Walaszczyk Blockchain Solutions Expert at IBM. They talked about using the BSV blockchain for working with Certificates of Authenticity, Digital Twins of physical products, Ownership Guaranties and other solutions for companies concerned with theft, fraud, and brand protection.

Jessica Jaume, Operations and Business Development Manager of Gate2Chain at the London Blockchain Conference 2023

Discussions on regulation

One commendable aspect of the conference was its open discussion about a topic many in the ‘cryptocurrency’ community tend to avoid: regulation.

Recognizing the importance of regulatory discussions for widespread adoption and trust, the conference brought in experts such as Yves Mersch, Former Executive Board Member of the European Central Bank and Former Governor of the Central Bank of Luxembourg. They shared insights on regulating digital currencies in Europe. Additionally, a panel discussion featured Marcin Zarakowski, Executive Committee Member of the BSV Blockchain Association, actor and author Ben McKenzie, and Bryan Daugherty, Global Public Policy Director of the Bitcoin Association.

The Philippine government using BSV blockchain

As I have emphasized before, BSV blockchain has the potential to transform the world, leading to prosperity for countries that embrace it. The Philippine government, for example, recognizes the efficiency and cost advantages that the BSV blockchain offers. They have pioneered the use of blockchain solutions in government processes, starting with the province of Bataan. Once the economic benefits and operational advantages become evident, we can expect these solutions to extend throughout the country.

Meeting Innovators and Entrepreneurs

During the conference, I had the pleasure of meeting several pioneers and entrepreneurs who were funding their projects with their own time, money, and passion. These individuals were exploring and innovating using the power of BSV blockchain. Let’s highlight a few:

Ordinals: David Case and Luke Rohenaz – and Aym.World
David and Luke, and their team are developing technologies and websites related to Ordinals in BSV blockchain. Using BSV, ordinals allow the transfer of creative works, such as artwork, songs, articles, and contracts. This revolutionary concept enables the ownership and transfer of digital assets with ease and proof of transfer. Stay tuned for a separate video where we will explore and Aym.World and interview the project leaders.

John (Jack) Pitts –
Jack is the co-founder of, the world’s first English dictionary ecosystem. What sets this dictionary apart is that users themselves define the words instead of relying solely on academic definitions. This approach ensures that experts in specific fields provide accurate and relevant definitions. If you possess expertise in any area, I encourage you to define a word on If your definition is chosen, you will receive perpetual rewards in Bitcoin SV.

Marquez Comelab with John (Jack) Pitts, co-founder of

Jerry David Chan –
Jerry David Chan just launched a new website called which is a website developed to educate children and adults alike disguised as a game, if I can put it that way. It is basically a fun way of learning.

Jerry David Chan at the London Blockchain Conference 2023

Exploring new horizons

In addition to interacting with individuals already familiar with BSV blockchain, I had the opportunity to meet those who were curious and eager to learn more about Bitcoin, BSV, and digital assets. Let’s briefly mention a few of them:

Anastasiya Paitra –
Paitra, the Chief Operating Officer at, a web and mobile development company, attended the conference to explore opportunities in blockchain. She aims to collaborate with businesses working with blockchain technology.

Marquez Comelab with Anastasiya Paitra, the Chief Operating Officer at

Natanail Stefanov – Grvty Technologies Ltd
Stefanov is another individual looking to work with businesses involved in blockchain. His company, Grvty Technologies Ltd, is interested in leveraging blockchain solutions.

Marquez Comelab with Natanail Stefanov of Grvty Technologies Ltd

Vyara Manolova – Generation Finance
Manolova is working on a project called Generation Finance, which seeks financial and banking solutions for the younger generation facing challenges with the current banking system. BSV blockchain’s capabilities can potentially address these issues effectively.

Marquez Comelab with Vyara Manolova at the London Blockchain Conference 2023

Elizabeth Colina – Hola Spanish Lessons
Colina, the founder of Hola Spanish Lessons, offers Spanish tutoring services. With the BSV blockchain, she can teach Spanish globally and receive payments in BSV, bypassing the limitations of traditional payment systems.

Marquez Comelab with Elizabeth Colina, the founder of Hola Spanish Lessons, offers Spanish tutoring services


The London Blockchain Conference 2023 was an event filled with opportunities to connect, learn, and explore the potential of the BSV blockchain. The projects and discussions showcased the real-world applications of BSV and emphasized its ability to transform businesses and industries. As the only Bitcoin project adhering to the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the BSV blockchain stands out as a blockchain that scales for true enterprise and governmental use. Consider how the BSV blockchain can provide advantages, efficiency, and cost savings in your personal life, business, field, or organization, and join the growing number of people and organizations using the powers of BSV.

Marquez Comelab outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre

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