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Europe, Russia, Digital Asset Transaction
Business 12 October 2022

EU bans all digital asset transactions to Russia

Digital asset transactions from Europe to Russia had been capped at $9,900, but the European Union says there was still some level of activity, necessitating the total ban.

Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich
Business 19 July 2022

Russia nukes digital assets as payments mechanism

The bill amends certain banking laws to permit the use of digital assets as investment vehicles, with the goal of increasing “the investment attractiveness of the use of digital rights by businesses.”

Washington, DC - June 04, 2018: Pedestrian with an umbrella near International Monetary Fund, IMF Headquarters 2 Building (HQ2) in DC.
Business 21 April 2022

IMF: Russia could evade sanctions by mining BTC

The IMF recently released a report that Russia might have found a way to evade international sanctions stating that block reward mining activities could be used to evade economic boycotts.