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Silicon Valley Bank logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen
Editorial 17 March 2023

Liar, liar, banks on fire

Silicon Valley Bank’s recent near-death experience sent a shiver down the spine of many a tech exec, that is, until the federal government stepped in with their don’t-call-it-a-bailout-bailout.

leaves growing on stack of coins
Business 13 January 2023

To take funding or not, that is the question

Taking an investment fund depends on many factors, but the invention of Bitcoin provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start and succeed alone without a venture capital.

Unbounded Capital Summit
Events 30 September 2022

Unbounded Capital Summit 2022 highlights

The inaugural Unbounded Capital Annual Summit took place in New York City at the trendy Dream Downtown, an invite-only event for partners, venture and hedge fund managers, fintech and blockchain entrepreneurs, institutional and family office investors.

Press Releases 25 May 2022

NFTY Jigs launches public crowdfunding round

NFTY Jigs is the market leader in scalable and cost-efficient NFT transactions. Now the company launches its public crowdfund, which aims to collect $500,000.

Graph representation with cartoon
Editorial 11 March 2022

Why some blockchain networks won’t die

Although some of these blockchain networks are technologically restrictive and economically unfeasible, they have enough wind in their sails to keep them going for many years into the future.