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Virtual cryptocurrency concept. Gold bitcoin piled up
Business 3 May 2023

Bitcoin’s tipping point

In this article, Kurt Wuckert Jr. shares his thoughts on Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point and how the mentioned principles determined Bitcoin's tipping point.

Data analyzing in exchange stock market
Editorial 3 May 2023

I assume the price of BSV is not manipulated

BSV distancing itself from the 'crypto' market has revealed its true price, which is linked to its ability to provide actual utility to users and not based on mere speculation.

Hands holding bitcoins
Editorial 23 January 2023

What’s more important: Community or Utility?

Patrick Thompson highlights the underlying importance of building a community when establishing a good business, which is often overshadowed by the need for utility.

Joshua Henslee livestream on his 2023 predictions
Business 7 January 2023

Joshua Henslee gives his 2023 predictions

While prices of digital currencies remain high following the implosion of key exchanges last year, Joshua Henslee predicts 2023 will be dire for the asset industry as more regulations are likely to come.

Concept with bitcoins and falling candle graph
Editorial 19 December 2022

Bitcoin futures surge despite FTX collapse

The FTX's implosion led to prices of some virtual currencies tumbling, while other tokens skyrocketed because the 'crypto' market is not based on utility but rather on speculation.

Nigerian flag colors and BSV Blockchain logo
Press Releases 28 July 2022

BSV Blockchain introduced to Nigeria with real use case technology

The Blockchain Developer Summit in Nigeria's capital Abuja was a great success. With more than 1500 participants, the event created a big stage for BSV Blockchain among developers, established companies and key figures in the country's economic policy and development.

bitcoin coin
Editorial 3 May 2022

Price matters

In this article, author Zeming Gao looks into the BSV price and the utility level of an asset following the recent surge of BSV transactions in the past few weeks.