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A digital brain model consisting of the wireless connections with the card in the middle
Business 12 October 2023

Ukraine braces for AI regulation with new roadmap

Ukraine released its draft artificial intelligence roadmap, seeking to aid businesses in adopting the country's AI regulation that is set to be rolled out in 2024 and help prepare the ecosystem for the EU AI Act.

Russian silhouette in national flag colors and sanctions text
Business 7 April 2023

Sanctions, Russia and ‘crypto crime’

After Russia invades Ukraine, sanctions are back on the agenda, and when it comes to getting around them, misuse of digital assets appears to be essential.

Europe, Russia, Digital Asset Transaction
Business 12 October 2022

EU bans all digital asset transactions to Russia

Digital asset transactions from Europe to Russia had been capped at $9,900, but the European Union says there was still some level of activity, necessitating the total ban.