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Trading and candle chart
Editorial 5 October 2022

Why is trading and speculating so popular?

Trading and speculating are the most popular blockchain use-cases because money means something to everyone, and having more cash than you did yesterday appeals to practically everybody.

Business 29 July 2021

The Robinhood ($HOOD) IPO on Nasdaq

Robinhood, the US-based financial services provider, has gone public on the Nasdaq stock exchange under ticker-symbol $HOOD.

the market bubble is back!
Editorial 25 November 2020

Why the market bubble is back

The digital currency markets are back in a bubble, since September, digital currency prices have been steadily rising–here's why.

Emirex adds new BSV trading pair
Business 22 October 2020

Emirex adds BSV/BTC trading pair

Emirex, the Dubai-based digital currency exchange, has added a BSV/BTC trading pair, this is the third BSV pair that Emirex has added to their exchange.