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Smart Contracts image concept
Tech 13 February 2024

BSV vs BTC smart contracts

sCrypt's Xiaohui Liu compares the fundamentals of smart contracts between BSV and BTC and how these affect the realization of developing and implementing use cases.

BTC Sandcastles and the next civil war by Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 12 December 2023

BTC sandcastles and the next civil war

The changes in Bitcoin's original protocol, deemed "improvements" in the BTC community, were not significant upgrades but a mere diversion of what the technology advocates for.

Bitcoin on a laptop
Tech 27 February 2023

Ordinals on Bitcoin without SegWit and Taproot

Unlike BTC, BSV does not need to change its protocol to integrate Ordinals, and above else, it is 100,000x cheaper and 12.5x bigger than other blockchains supporting it.

Golden bitcoins on grey background
Tech 1 December 2022

Introduction to Bitcoin smart contracts

Bitcoin entrepreneur and developer Xiaohui Liu has spent some time explaining Bitcoin smart contracts in a two-part video lesson on his YouTube channel.

Tech 15 April 2022

Graftroot on Bitcoin today: No fork needed

sCrypt demonstrated how to implement Taproot on the original Bitcoin using a contractless contract and shows that its follow-up proposal, Graftroot, can be implemented in a similar fashion.

Macro shot of Bitcoin on motherboard
Tech 12 April 2022

Taro and Taproot—just empty carbs

A recently published article by an anonymous author is seemingly aimed to promote the new "scaling solution" proposal on the Lightning network BTC.

Bitcoin on circuit board
Tech 11 April 2022

Taproot on Bitcoin: Contractless Contract + MAST

In this article, sCrypt showed how to implement Taproot using the original Bitcoin protocol without any changes, by combining contractless contract and Merklized Alternative Script Tree (MAST).

Selective focus of silver bitcoin and piles of bitcoins behind
Editorial 27 March 2022

Taproot: Building a mixer

The false belief of the BTC community hold lies in thinking that if you mix the inputs, the now “untraceable outputs” will no longer be seized or be outside the area law enforcement can cover.

Editorial 22 March 2022

The wizard of blockchain

As in the Wizard of Oz, BTC developers are committing a global fraud by pretending to have no control of the network where, in fact, they are manipulating a global financial system for their benefit.