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Editorial 19 January 2024

Help yourself to my data—I don’t want it!

Silicon Valley giants create models that keep them at the competitive edge, even using users' data for ads, but is this enough to present them as bad guys as what fledgling firms make them out to be?

Free the Data
Editorial 21 November 2023

Free the data!

Social media CEOs from tech giants like Twitter and Facebook were able to build some of the greatest wealth (and power) in the world's history by selling their users' aggregate data.

Kevin Healy on CoinGeek Conversations
Interviews 29 June 2023

Kevin Healy: My long journey to BSV

On this CoinGeek Conversations, former iOS developer Kevin Healy shares his journey to the original Bitcoin protocol and also explains the advantages of Bitcoin technology based on what is written in the Bitcoin white paper.

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Editorial 27 March 2023

It’s a Bitcoin conspiracy

A conspiracy theory is a rollercoaster ride where you're never quite sure what's fact or fiction. But a great many conspiracy theories do indeed end up being revealed to be true, and this is where real investigative journalism is needed, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

Business 3 May 2022

Open source and liability

Some individuals in the "cryptocurrency space" are promoting false beliefs that open-source software is free and has no copyright, and devs don't have liability for the software they are developing.

Bitcoins and gold bars
Editorial 29 March 2022

Banking old wine in new bottles

Many industries are trying to find ways to turn Bitcoin into something else. They want to make digital gold, but Bitcoin isn’t digital gold.