Latest proof of work News

Editorial 8 April 2021

Bitcoin is green technology

In the face of the bull run and NFT boom, environmentalist activists have once again targeted Bitcoin’s industrial infrastructure for criticism based on the assumption that proof of work for building blocks is a waste of electricity.

Editorial 29 March 2021

Square Crypto misunderstands Bitcoin…and mythology

Inventing your own mythology to shoehorn an agenda is something else entirely: propaganda. In Square Crypto’s new “Book of Bitcoin Mythology,” they have created one such example of propaganda.

Tech 24 February 2021

Bitcoin: It’s all about the ledger

Bitcoin's blockchain is a supercharged accounting ledger, but at the end of the day it works much the same as any other ledger at near-light speed and on a global scale, Jon Southurst writes.

Business 8 January 2021

Open answers to Puru Saxena

In this piece, Kurt Wuckert Jr. tells investment commentator Puru Saxena that while he likely does not understand that the Bitcoin protocol isn’t bound to any tickers, but exists as a complete implementation on the Bitcoin SV network.

Interviews 24 November 2020

Peacocks matter

With nothing but a peacock, Attila Aros let the world know that Matterpool had won the beauty contest occurring at block height 661910.