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Events 11 March 2024

A sneak peek at London Blockchain Conference 2024

If you’re interested in blockchain utility, there’s no other place to be but at the London Blockchain Conference 2024 to explore how this tech can revolutionize the world. Grab your tickets now!

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Business 18 January 2024

Tokenization of everything is coming

Tokenization alone is not enough; It has to be globally scalable on a single blockchain, and for that to occur, there's only one realistic option—building the future on BSV blockchain.

The beautiful imperfections of Bitcoin banner
Editorial 16 January 2024

The beautiful imperfections of Bitcoin

As Bitcoin evolves, it is crucial that we reflect on its initial vision—an open financial system where each participant has an equal opportunity to be a user and even to attempt to compete for blocks.

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Business 2 January 2024

Is Bitcoin decentralized?

While BTC has a higher hash rate that makes it more secure to a hash attack, it does not equate to it being more decentralized due to its lack of scalability and the absence of P2P transactions.