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AI with blockchain background
Editorial 29 April 2024

AI and data decentralization

Artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool in spurring innovation, but it also has its downsides, and one that could lead it to its worst future is wielding its power to spread disinformation.

Man in suit holding a bitcoin coin
Editorial 3 April 2022

Bitcoin as a security

In this article, Bitcoin Creator Dr. Craig Wright explains some of the reasoning behind how he created Bitcoin and why he released it in such a manner.

Bitcoin legal
Business 26 February 2021

The legal duty of blockchain developers

As blockchain technology becomes increasingly relied upon, it becomes critical that the law extends its well-established protections to this new context.

Businessman holding lightbulb with INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY inscription
Business 27 January 2021

Craig Wright on open source and liability

In his latest blog post, Dr. Craig Wright addressed many of the current events around the Bitcoin whitepaper, enterprises in Silicon Valley that pilot the BTC protocol, copyright, and intellectual property.