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Bitcoin on top of Money stack, against blurry background
Editorial 17 May 2023

BRC-20 and Bitcoin NFTs—A new era for Bitcoin?

Thanks to the smart folks who created the Ordinals, the BTC network exploded with activity recently, but sadly the network performance slowed to a halt, forcing even Binance to halt withdrawals.

MicroStrategy logo on smartphone
Business 11 May 2023

Michael Saylor voices support for Ordinals on BTC

Michael Saylor believes Ordinals will open the floodgates for the development of many applications on the BTC base layer, but this is proving to be too difficult with the current state of the protocol.

Craig Wright and Michael Saylor
Editorial 8 August 2022

Michael Saylor and Craig Wright agree on Bitcoin

MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor recently said that Bitcoin should not be changed—which is fascinating since usually, BTC maximalists tend to be open to disfiguring the protocol as they please.