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New generation of money with CBDC concept
Business 21 August 2023

The mixed blessing of CBDCs

As more countries jump on the CBDC bandwagon, experts are now scrutinizing the benefits and pitfalls of this tech and whether it could promote financial inclusion or a ploy to control the market.

London Blockchain Conference 2023 audience
Editorial 7 June 2023

My takeaways from London Blockchain Conference 2023

As a mainstay of BSV conferences, Jon Southurst shares his experience about the recently concluded London Blockchain Conference 2023 at the QEII Centre and his interaction with the BSV blockchain community.

Block Dojo Entrepreneurs
Interviews 15 December 2022

Block Dojo entrepreneurs: NFTs, music and CBDCs

On this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Charles Miller meets three entrepreneurs from the Bitcoin SV incubator Satoshi Block Dojo: HQNFTs, The House of Sounds, Intrasettle.