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Interviews 18 May 2020

Kevin Pham: Bitcoin is brutal

Kevin Pham, who’s known for his ruthless truth bombs on Twitter, explains to Michael Wehrmann why Bitcoin is brutal right now.

Antoher long-time Bitcoin Core supporter switches to Bitcoin SV
Business 18 March 2019

Another long-time Bitcoin Cash supporter switches to Bitcoin SV

According to a post on, the unidentified BCH supporter shows a change of heart towards Bitcoin SV after he was asked if he was “on the Bitcoin SV train yet,” to which he replied, after a little bit of thought, “Yeah… I am.”

Kraken's crackin' up
Business 21 November 2018

Kraken’s crackin’ up

The exchange, which is backed by’s Roger Ver, called out BCHSV after the network upgrade, accusing it of not being a viable option, as it had no known replay protection and no support from major block explorers.