Antoher long-time Bitcoin Core supporter switches to Bitcoin SV

Another long-time Bitcoin Cash supporter switches to Bitcoin SV

In February, long-time Bitcoin Core (BTC) fan Kevin Pham announced that he was switching his alliance and would begin supporting Bitcoin SV (BSV). The move was symbolic, given Pham’s history with cryptocurrencies, even though some have asserted that he only made the announcement to irk the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community. Regardless of the reason, it shows the value BSV has and Pham is now joined by a long-time BCH fan who has jumped on “the Bitcoin SV train.”

According to a post on, the unidentified BCH supporter recently had a conversation with a friend while wearing a BCH shirt. The friend asked him if he was “on the Bitcoin SV train yet,” to which he replied, after a little bit of thought, “Yeah… I am.”

The author explains in his post, “I’ve been working in crypto media and PR for years now, so I’ve seen a lot happen. I also understand the ecosystem and the people in it pretty well. There’s a lot of hype, hope, idealism, greed, and bullshit. And I’ve also met a lot of very cool people, some of whom are now my best friends. I’ve learned a lot and it’s changed the way I think, so much that I’d probably be a completely different person now had Bitcoin not come along (and so would the rest of you probably be too).”

He adds that BCH, when it was created, was the perfect solution to the “clunky and comically buggy Lightning Network” and that BCH was, at the time, continuing crypto’s original path. He adds of the BTC community, “Their attacks on BCH were childish and oddly uniform, their arguments often without substance. As with politics, that’s usually a sign for me that someone’s on the right side. And looking at the landscape objectively, all I saw was a Bitcoin that had been co-opted by a company with dubious connections that seemed antithetical to cryptocurrency principles. BTC may hit a million someday and they’ll see that as its greatest achievement. But all I wanted was money I could use without the political interference, delays and censorship that plague the failing and degenerate fiat financial system.”

The author believes that BCH is going to lose its traction and could “live in obscurity from here on.” He asserts that the BCH community is fractured and lacks cohesion, a point that has been published even by BCH’s own developers, and that BSV has an “actual vision and purpose,” as well as a more solid claim to be called the “real Bitcoin.” He adds, “Bitcoin SV is solving that problem with its mainstream-friendly message. After a decade in crypto you might not be 100% comfortable with that message, but it’s necessary. The internet had to put on several more normie-friendly hats and increase its functionality before it really took off — so does cryptocurrency.”

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