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Kurt Wuckert Jr. and Bitcoin
Tech 29 December 2022

BTC hash power centralization

Industry players behind the BTC software control the hash power, while companies with weak cash positions and low debt suffer, cementing BTC's position as a 'very, very' centralized system.

51% attack on blockchain futuristic binary red text glowing in the dark.
Editorial 11 May 2022

The 51% attack that never was

In this article, Author Dr. Craig Wright explains what a 51% attack is, how it relates to existing systems, and how it is being maligned by some people in the industry seeking to promote a system different from Bitcoin in many ways.

Shelves with equipment for bitcoin mining farm
Tech 21 March 2022

The economics of Bitcoin mining – distilled

The fundamental basis behind the revenue model in BTC is centered on its limitation of its block size capped at 1MB since 2010, resulting in the revenue generated from mining BTC coming from mining rewards or subsidy.

Device and machines for mining cryptocurrency
Editorial 14 March 2022

Hash power follows price

The profitability calculation that every miner must go through is complex, and one must think about their economic costs, access to liquidity, as well as access to insider knowledge.

Bitcoin Coin placed in a chip
Tech 1 February 2022

The economics of Bitcoin mining

Author ZeMing Gao created a chart-based technical analysis of the BTC and BSV block reward mining, comparing the networks' transaction fees, background, hash power, price, and more.