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Coin bitcoin behind glass with red drops
Editorial 30 August 2022

Red lasers, Red Revolution and Bitcoin

A lot of de facto Bitcoin culture is a conglomeration of the anti-bank, anti-state activism of the cypherpunks which include a mix of anarcho capitalists and anarcho communists who always saw cryptography, internet culture and ‘cryptocurrency’ as a way to seek freedom, commit crime and subvert societal norms in varying dosage of each.

Digital currency and gavel
Editorial 18 March 2022

Equality of the law

The control of the Bitcoin network is distributed between the developers of the network creating the code and the enforcement through the nodes.

electro sv with bug concept
Editorial 11 November 2020

CoinDesk is lying about the ElectrumSV bug

CoinDesk and Gregory Maxwell have teamed up to misrepresent the nature and scope of a bug in an ElectrumSV script for an experimental multisig wallet type, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

Gregory Maxwell gets serious, threatens lawsuit over libel
Business 21 January 2019

Gregory Maxwell gets serious, threatens lawsuit over libel

After having more than a few libelous accusations thrown at him by Roger Ver, AKA, “MemoryDealers” on Reddit, he is moving forward with his previous assertions that he would seek legal relief against the known anarchist.