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Business 7 September 2022

A look at Take It NFT

For Haste’s Take It NFT platform’s “Take It Drops,” instead of simply buying an NFT and listing for resale, the initial “Drop” lasts for 24-72 hours where the NFTs can be “Taken.”

Hand reaching out NFT logo
Business 29 June 2022

Manifesting the true utility of NFTs

Many ways NFTs are deployed thus far add nothing new to what already exists, custom skins in video games, artwork, permissioned, exclusive access and so on.

Business 9 June 2022

BYONFT: Bring your own non-fungible token

The so-called JPEG NFT appears to be dying out in favor of one that actually add value for example exclusive access. If JPEG NFTs exist that also have utility, then what is the point of solely JPEG NFTs?

NFT non fungible tokenscrypto art on colorful abstract background
Editorial 9 March 2022

Downloadable content and NFTs

The proposition of NFTs in video games is being met with even more hostility as publishers and gamers view the concept as a further cash grab to continuously extort players.