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BTC Sandcastles and the next civil war by Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Editorial 12 December 2023

BTC sandcastles and the next civil war

The changes in Bitcoin's original protocol, deemed "improvements" in the BTC community, were not significant upgrades but a mere diversion of what the technology advocates for.

Bitcoin symbol on computer keyboard
Editorial 15 November 2023

Bitcoin must have utility before it can become anything

BTC’s ‘consumption of energy’ has no objective foundation; it is not the consumption of energy that determines the price, but the other way around, that is, BTC price drives its energy consumption.

Close up shot of Businessman in black suit with bitcoin symbol hologram effect isolated on background
Business 9 August 2023

The tokenized Internet

NFTs are more than just speculative artifacts that many are led to believe, and this will only be realized once actual utility comes in.

Golden bitcoin coin and mound of gold bitcoin cryptocurrency business
Business 7 June 2023

Gold/bitcoin, money/currency

Society does not need a new gold, but rather an efficient and proper "currency" to support it—something that would take the role of a subordinate technology.