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Facebook Meta
Business 12 April 2022

Zuck Bucks: Meta attempts Diem 2.0?

Meta is allegedly hoping to launch virtual coins to be used on the platform. The move comes after the firm suffered a $230 billion or a 25% drop in the value of its stock in a single day in February.

Facebook Diem
Business 20 May 2021

Facebook Diem announces US stablecoin launch

The project, formerly known as Libra, had been envisaging a worldwide roll-out for its stablecoin, which it had planned would be pegged to a weighted basket of international currencies.

Facebook Diem set to launch pilot in 2021
Business 23 April 2021

Facebook Diem set to launch pilot in 2021

Formerly known as Libra, the token is expected to be launched as part of a small test project in the coming month, during which time it will only be pegged to the value of the U.S. dollar.