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Tech 30 January 2024

The next era of mining

The time to consider upgrading your mining hardware is now. The S21 and S19 K Pro Antminers offer an opportunity to stay ahead in the Bitcoin mining space.

Kurt Wuckert Jr on WhatsMiner
Tech 23 August 2023

The next evolution of WhatsMiner

In the world of Bitcoin mining, efficiency isn't the only metric that matters, which WhatsMiner seeks to prove as it competes with Bitmain's Antminer series that has long dominated the industry.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. and Bitcoin
Tech 29 December 2022

BTC hash power centralization

Industry players behind the BTC software control the hash power, while companies with weak cash positions and low debt suffer, cementing BTC's position as a 'very, very' centralized system.

Bitmain nears end of spin-off for Antpool
Tech 29 July 2021

Bitmain nears end of spin-off for Antpool

The decision to separate Antpool was part of Bitmain's ongoing initiative to focus its operations on R&D and sales of computing power chips and servers used for digital currency mining.

Tech 25 June 2021

Bitmain suspends new miner orders as supply booms

In freezing the sales, Bitmain says it is attempting to prevent customers from incurring losses on new machines, as well as protecting themselves from sustaining more significant losses.

ASIC Miners
Tech 27 May 2021

TAAL reveals expansion of hardware fleet

The purchase aligns with TAAL's strategic goals to increase its transaction processing capacity to meet the demands of enterprise customers adopting blockchain technology.

Tech 6 May 2021

Core Scientific spending spree continues

The firm entered into a sales agreement with strategic partner Bitmain Technologies Limited to buy a mix of its S19, S19 Pro, S19J, and S19J Pro Antminers hardware rigs.