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Teranode block
Press Releases 22 February 2024

BSV Association begins technical testing of Teranode

The BSV Blockchain Association announced the technical testing on Teranode, the blockchain upgrade that will allow the BSV Blockchain to operate at upwards of 1.1 million transactions per second.

Bitcoin image with dark background
Editorial 15 January 2024

Satoshi’s secret in the Genesis block

While the answer to the mysterious transaction in the Genesis block has yet to be revealed, the technicalities of how the block and transaction were made only cement Satoshi as the one behind them.

The concept of the digital currency of the Central Bank CBDC
Business 25 September 2023

Are CBDCs financial innovation or tool of oppression?

CBDCs are being seen as key to financial inclusion, but many do not realize that creating an inclusive system lies on the network where the actual tool is built—one that promotes transparency.