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Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Tech 20 September 2023

Riot about Bitcoin mining

Mining is not merely about minting new bitcoins but also providing value-added services to the blockchain economy and the energy sector, which major hashing operators rarely discuss.

Kurt Wuckert Jr on WhatsMiner
Tech 23 August 2023

The next evolution of WhatsMiner

In the world of Bitcoin mining, efficiency isn't the only metric that matters, which WhatsMiner seeks to prove as it competes with Bitmain's Antminer series that has long dominated the industry.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. in an office setting
Interviews 9 March 2023

Kurt Wuckert Jr: Bitcoin needs more salespeople

In the second part of his interview on CoinGeek Conversations, Kurt Wuckert Jr. talks about why changing Bitcoin culture would mean bringing in experienced salespeople.

Bitcoin Association logo
Editorial 28 December 2022

Bitcoin Association letter to Governor Hochul

In this letter to Hochul, the Bitcoin Association highlights its efforts to reduce emissions associated with Bitcoin mining while urging the city to explore other utilities to slash carbon footprints.

NFT nonfungible tokens concept on gold and black
Business 8 November 2022

Tokenized ASICs—it makes sense on BSV

Instead of the cumbersome task of placing orders, dealing with shipping addresses, various payment methods and logistical lead times, implement the transfer of ownership of already online ASICs with BSV via NFTs.

Kurt Wuckert jr. in front of a mining farm
Tech 31 October 2022

Mine about it

Four key things to take note of when mining: the subsidy is there to help us build, transaction fees must outstrip subsidies, hardware needs to be bought, and don't focus on dollar-based economics.