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Bitcoin's 15th birthday
Events 9 January 2024

Happy 15th Birthday, Bitcoin!

On Bitcoin's 15th birthday, Satoshi's vision for a scalable electronic cash system is alive and thriving—the BSV blockchain is the original Bitcoin, and it is scaling to levels Dr. Craig Wright always said were possible.

businessmen talking with UFO above their heads
Editorial 27 March 2023

It’s a Bitcoin conspiracy

A conspiracy theory is a rollercoaster ride where you're never quite sure what's fact or fiction. But a great many conspiracy theories do indeed end up being revealed to be true, and this is where real investigative journalism is needed, Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

Happy Birthday Bitcoin
Events 9 January 2023

Happy Birthday Bitcoin!

Bitcoin was never intended to be used as a weapon for cybercrime but rather as a network that seeks to transform the global transaction system.

Bitcoin Independence
Editorial 15 November 2022

Hash war revisited

The story of the BSV/BCH hash war is a brutal chapter in Bitcoin, and it laid the groundwork for much of what has transpired since, but that story has been told a few times.