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Press Releases 29 January 2020

Taal rejects proposal for Bitcoin Cash mining ‘tax’

Taal Distributed Information Technologies Inc. announced that it is not in favour of, and will not support, the newly-announced proposal to cause mining operations active on the Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”) blockchain to pay a 12.5% contribution on earned rewards.

Editorial 16 November 2019

Why it took me a few extra months to switch to BSV

BCH had "won" the hash war yet it was BSV ramping up and gaining momentum. Why? BSV had marketing power, resources, good ideas, patents and talented developers... and Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

Business 14 November 2019

The origins of Bitcoin: BTC deviates from Bitcoin protocol

BTC was already suffering from its inability to recognize how large block sizes could work on the blockchain, resulting in the birth of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)—but even this wasn’t an ideal solution and ultimately resulted in the second death of Bitcoin.