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Editorial 1 August 2023

A retrospective: The Bitcoin’s Big Split

Today, we remember the network wars and the struggles, and we celebrate the fact that amid it all, we are still here—celebrating Bitcoin's liberation from the control of the BTC Core cabal.

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Business 11 May 2023

Michael Saylor voices support for Ordinals on BTC

Michael Saylor believes Ordinals will open the floodgates for the development of many applications on the BTC base layer, but this is proving to be too difficult with the current state of the protocol.

Kurt Wackert Jr., Ordinals
Editorial 6 February 2023

Inordinate Ordinals for ordinary Bitcoiners

Twetch came out with a bunch of tooling within 48 hours of the public explosion of Ordinals NFTs and launched a mint of 69 “Planetary Ordinals” to kick off the party.

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Business 27 December 2022

The major force that drives the price of Bitcoin

BSV is ready to serve individuals, businesses, countries, and the entire world by using it as an electronic cash system capable of sending millions of payments worldwide.

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Press Releases 29 January 2020

Taal rejects proposal for Bitcoin Cash mining ‘tax’

Taal Distributed Information Technologies Inc. announced that it is not in favour of, and will not support, the newly-announced proposal to cause mining operations active on the Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”) blockchain to pay a 12.5% contribution on earned rewards.