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Thailand flags on flag poles
Business 27 February 2024

Thai SEC wants to revoke Zipmex license

The Thai securities regulator wrote to the finance minister proposing that he revoke the Zipmex license over its failure to maintain net capital and insufficient management.

Reddit app on a mobile phone
Business 27 February 2024

Reddit to go public, inks AI deal with Google

Reddit's partnership with Google shows its eagerness to harness AI and integrate the tech on its platform, but it may also be a plan to enhance its appeal to investors as it files for an IPO.

Frankfurt Old Town cityscape
Business 26 February 2024

EU’s new AML watchdog to be based in Frankfurt

Frankfurt beat bids from Madrid, Paris, Rome, and five other cities to host AMLA, a new 400-member agency whose anti-money laundering mandate will include digital assets.

Nvidia logo with black background
Business 26 February 2024

Nvidia: AI bubble won’t burst anytime soon

As more tech giants pour money into developing artificial intelligence solutions, Nvidia sticks to its expertise and incorporates AI into its computer chips, resulting in a massive revenue of about $22.1B in Q4 2023.