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Get ready for the second Unbounded Summit in New York City

The second Unbounded Summit will take place at Dream Downtown, New York City, on September 21, 2023.

Last September, the inaugural Unbounded Summit was a great success, as was Unbounded Perspectives in March 2023.

As was the case last year, this summit will feature many partners, venture and hedge fund managers, fintech and blockchain entrepreneurs, as well as institutional and family offices.

Attendees will have the opportunity to directly connect with speakers and mix and mingle with potentially valuable connections.

The event is by invitation only, but invitations can be requested on the Unbounded Capital website.

Who will be speaking at the Unbounded Summit 2023?

The speaker’s list is already packed with talent, and further confirmations will come before the event. So far, attendees can look forward to hearing from:

Many other distinguished guests will speak, including Kurt Wuckert Jr.Stephan NilssonDr. Kurt Overley, and others from the startup and venture capital worlds.

Unbounded Summit 2022 highlights

Last year’s summit was something special, and while all of the panels and discussions delivered value, there were a few that stood out.

Zach Resnick opened with an inspiring speech on why Unbounded Summits differ from other blockchain summits.

“In a world where most crypto conferences are dominated by glorified Ponzi schemes and the companies that make money off this speculation, Unbounded invests in companies that are solving big problems leveraging scalable blockchains,” was one memorable quote from his opening address.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. gave a keynote speech on the history of Bitcoin. He covered the world’s first electronic cash system from its inception to the block size wars, its rebirth as BSV blockchain, and all that has happened since.

Haste Arcade’s Joe DePinto perfectly demonstrated how scalable blockchain can be used to create awesome apps that consumers value.

The panel on micropayments dove deeper into the potential for tiny payments to change how the internet works at a fundamental level as well as creating new business models.

What can attendees expect from the Unbounded Summit 2023?

Unbounded Capital describes itself as thesis-driven, micropayment-focused, technical & entrepreneurial, and contrarian. That should give attendees some clue as to what to expect at the Unbounded Summit 2023.

While the BSV blockchain will inevitably be part of any legitimate summit related to micropayments and scalable blockchain technology, it’s not the case that the Unbounded Summit is a BSV-only event. In a recent interview with CoinGeek, Unbounded Capital Managing Partner Zach Resnick told Rebecca Liggero Fontana that the firm is also investing in ecosystems that could become BSV competitors, and its interests don’t just stop at blockchain companies but stretch further afield into the fintech field generally.

Thus, while the summit will feature some big names in the BSV ecosystem, it will represent an opportunity for everyone to meet and interact with people outside of it, including institutional and family office investors.

Those interested should request an invitation quickly as there’s sure to be huge interest in the event. Don’t miss the Unbounded Summit 2023!

“What most stuck out to me about the Unbounded event was the high quality of people in attendance. Each conversation I had was with someone that brought expertise and knowledge from a wide variety of backgrounds. The right questions were being asked, and I felt a lot of engagement and attention when presenting HandCash,” said Brandon Bryant of HandCash.

Watch: Unbounded Capital’s Zach Resnick & Dr. Craig Wright

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