Solana and the quest for global state
Editorial 21 September 2021

Solana and the quest for global state

Solana markets itself as a massive improvement over Ethereum because of its higher throughput and lower fees—a pitch which is probably familiar to Unbounded Capital readers.

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Business 1 April 2021

Why I got into the penny business

Unbounded Enterprise recently released BSV2048, which adds a new dimension to the popular puzzle game 2048 by embracing the penny business.

Business 3 February 2021

How @Jack joins Twetch

Recent events suggest that the tech-giant hosted internet is becoming a less friendly place for certain viewpoints, and companies like Twetch have shown how the Bitcoin ledger can serve as their home.

Bitcoin mining
Editorial 30 November 2020

Bitcoiners don’t get Bitcoin’s security

Unlike BSV supporters who champion the utility of BSV, BTC supporters tend to use some variant of the “money-printing” thesis as a justification for the value of the extremely limited version of Bitcoin which they prefer.

Editorial 8 September 2020

Only cash scales

The only network with a commitment to massive scale which can actually achieve it by being a cash-like system is Bitcoin SV, Jack Laskey writes.

Business 20 April 2020

COVID-19 is a graph problem that Bitcoin solves

Anyone pitching Bitcoin as a cure-all for a global pandemic is selling a utopian vision. But many of the problems surfacing from COVID-19 can be alleviated through Bitcoin.

Business 15 April 2020

Why Bitcoin needs enterprise

Unbounded Capital’s new series, The Business of Bitcoin, covers landscape analysis, adoption strategy, industry-specific integration analysis, and challenges facing Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

Business 7 February 2020

Why we invested in Run

Jack Laskey of Unbounded Capital talks about the key advantages of applications that use Bitcoin’s public ledger as the server.

Editorial 14 January 2020

Why build on BSV?

The Unbounded Capital team asks entrepreneurial leaders what is there to be excited about Bitcoin SV?

Editorial 6 December 2019

Own your data with BSV

Jackson Laskey, principal at Unbounded Capital, explains how Bitcoin SV’s role in a future where data sovereignty is widely available is coming into focus as the network’s capacity continues to increase.