Kurt’s personal blog: Unbounded Capital Investor Summit 2022

Turning points are the parts of the story we never forget.

Introduction of characters, exposition of the plot and the struggle between antagonist and hero; we remember many things, but the turning points are the places from which a story cannot be reduced further without losing the story itself.

This week, I think I saw a turning point in the history of BSV. Unbounded Capital, an investment firm run by a group of fine people with whom I am proud to share the BSV economy, put on their first investor summit in New York City. In the shadow of Chelsea Market, at the eclectic “Dream” hotel, some key figures and founders of the BSV economy walked past glowing NFT art on the walls of the lobby to entice investors with stories of the businesses running on the most scalable blockchain on earth. From veterans of the space (like members of DCG) to newcomers with old money, the attendees learned about the history and the future of blockchain.

The energy in the room was palpable. You could cut through the anxiety and taste the excitement from professionals who intuitively understand that time and data are both money.

And I was honored to be the keynote speaker in what I believe is a turning point in the story of Bitcoin.

I was wrong

Or just early…

In 2020, I predicted a turning point from the cold of the London February. Rising from the momentum of the largest CoinGeek Conference (at the time) and presentations announcing the launch of Twetch, Run, HandCash Connect and many more, I predicted that it would be the last BSV-focused conference before we would all be mainstream.

CoinGeek London 2020

But on the way home, I realized the cold that many of us had caught in our excitement of the London spring was the novel coronavirus that defined a global turning point that sidelined business-oriented blockchain development for an era whose end eludes me.

The next two years would be defined by politics, money and narratives that played handily into the rhetoric of asymmetric stores of value, and we watched BSV fall in market cap because of our hopeful, business-oriented culture while our competitors absorbed the excess value of soft money and even softer political/monetary leadership.

A second chance

As I took the stage at the summit last week, warmed by a heartfelt introduction by Zach Resnick, I felt invigorated to give an impassioned telling of the history of Bitcoin with a sadness for the lost battles but an honor to glorify its resurrection! 

The crowd was visibly inspired. The question and answer session question went on competitively, and I helped clarify the power of Proof of Work over stake, cash over state and why unboundedness trumps infinity.

It was a turning point! 

As the day went on, we saw presentations from Haste Arcade, Tokenized, HandCash, and panels by venture capitalists, and the halls were bustling with people asking how it’s possible that BSV exists with such unique superlatives while retaining such phenomenal upside.

By the end of the day, I had over a dozen conversations with new investors with wide eyes, open minds and a pile of new questions.

I won’t spill any details about some of the turning points I observed or participated in, but they are happening, and we will look back on the first Unbounded Capital summit as the origin story for a new era, new capital, new businesses and new vigor.

Just don’t forget to be good to each other.

Watch: The BSV Global Blockchain Convention panel, The Future World with Blockchain

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