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Block Dojo x BSVA Spring Party: A prelude to the London Blockchain Conference 2024

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On the eve of the London Blockchain Conference (LBC), developers, entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists, and blockchain enthusiasts in the Web3 space gathered for a night of networking at a Spring Party hosted by Block Dojo. The exclusive event followed immediately after the Block Dojo Spring Discussions, an event supported by the Google Cloud Program (NASDAQ: GOOGL), where an insightful panel discussion occurred among Web3 leaders and venture capitalists.

Bunga Bunga, with its lively atmosphere and eclectic décor, served as a perfect venue for the gathering. The guests, a mix of Londoners and LBC attendees from different parts of the world, engaged in lively catch-up conversations and industry chatter while sipping cocktails and savoring tasty hors d’oeuvres. Deserving a special mention were the massive, delicious pizzas served at the tables, an absolute hit among the partygoers.

Co-hosting the event with Block Dojo is the BSV Association, an organization that supports the BSV blockchain. Martin Coxall, director of growth at the BSV Association, told CoinGeek about the importance of events like these to the organization: “One of the best ways to do this (promote BSV blockchain) is to partner with some strategic companies like Block Dojo who have access to communities which we do not have access to and give us a reach which we can just benefit from and derive tremendous values from.”

Block Dojo, a blockchain and innovation hub that houses numerous tech startups, played an essential role in the festivities leading up to the London Blockchain Conference. Not only did they host back-to-back events on the eve of LBC, connecting key figures and personalities in the blockchain space, but they also revitalized the BSV ecosystem by introducing cutting-edge Web3 startups to BSV blockchain and its community.

As CoinGeek Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. said, “There’s a bunch of new startups here. This is the first conference I’ve come to where half of the companies I’ve never heard of, but they seem serious.”

Lorien Gamaroff, co-founder and CEO of Centbee, also a veteran participant at conferences associated with the BSV blockchain, comments on how entrepreneurs finally see the value of blockchain technology, specifically BSV’s.

“Instead of it being just about trading, and speculating and flipping, people are really going to get to see the amazing utility that BSV blockchain can provide. I think that were finally getting enterprises to realize this,” he noted.

Despite the celebratory nature of the gathering, attendees discussed business matters amongst each other, while some shared their expectations for this year’s LBC.

Bryan Daugherty, chairman of SmartLedger, shared a positive sentiment at the conference, saying, “I really expect an incredible turnout as well as one of the most innovative applications being brought forth to the world today.”

In addition, Charles Symons, co-founder of Buzzmint, expressed his high expectations. As he stated, “It’s going to be bigger and better.”

The gathering is a testament to the continuous evolution within the BSV blockchain community. With Block Dojo’s startups actively involved in this year’s London Blockchain Conference and its side events, we are witnessing a revitalized community driven by the same goal: to pioneer innovation in the blockchain space.

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