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Unbounded Capital Summit 2022 highlights

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On September 8, the inaugural Unbounded Capital Annual Summit took place in New York City at the trendy Dream Downtown, an invite-only event for partners, venture and hedge fund managers, fintech and blockchain entrepreneurs, institutional and family office investors.

The day’s speakers featured bright minds in the BSV blockchain space and beyond, with CoinGeek’s very own Kurt Wuckert Jr. as the keynote speaker and other notables such as former Treasurer of the United States, Brenton Gunning, Jimmy Nguyen and more.

In his opening presentation, Zach Resnick, Managing Partner of Unbounded Capital, highlighted the major differences between this summit and other blockchain events the delegates may have attended in the past.

“This is not the crypto conference you’ve been to before. We’re looking at very different approaches and use cases,” he said during his speech.

“In a world where most crypto conferences are dominated by glorified Ponzi schemes and the companies that make money off this speculation, Unbounded invests in companies that are solving big problems leveraging scalable blockchains,” he confirmed.

“Today we’re going to try to spend more time showing rather than telling you what is possible when leveraging a scalable blockchain,” Resnik promised.

The day kicked off with a keynote presentation from Wuckert, during which he summarized the history of Bitcoin, some of the common misconceptions surrounding the tech and how the blockchain landscape has developed since the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008.

“I explained to them why Bitcoin is not only not slow, but it’s the fastest payment technology that we have on Earth right now,” said Wuckert, CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian.

“So we’re already orders of magnitude above what people think blockchain is even possible to do,” he confirmed.

Haste Arcade’s presentation, delivered by CMO Joe DePinto, was the perfect example of what Resnik meant by “showing” versus “telling” the powers of BSV blockchain.

DePinto did not elaborate on the technology used behind the scenes, rather, he talked on Haste’s core products, including leaderboard payouts, new game modes, upcoming game releases and what is special about these products.

“Why are gaming developers, why are gamers interested in this? And I think it has to do with micropayments and the business model that you can create from that,” said DePinto.

In fact, the unique ability to do micropayments using the BSV blockchain was a recurring theme throughout the day.

Isaac Moorehouse, entrepreneur and micropayments enthusiast, appropriately moderated a panel dedicated to the subject, a subject Moorehouse is so passionate about that he hosted a mini-series on his YouTube channel to explore why “tiny payments are a big deal.”

“Once you’re able to put money prices on transactions that are very, very tiny in value, the number of potential business applications, the number of use cases, business models, is infinite,” he said.

He went on to explain how BSV allows for a single payment to instantly be split up into tiny amounts and sent to many different places or people, circumventing the need for a complex accounting process.

“BSV to my knowledge so far—and I’ve played around with a lot of them—is the only [blockchain] that can do that effectively and at scale,” Moorehouse added.

Another speaker who was happy to show vs. tell was Adam Kling, CEO and Founder of FYX Gaming, parent company of the popular single-player fantasy RPG game CryptoFights, powered by BSV blockchain.

During his panel, Kling emphasized the importance of choosing a scalable blockchain from the start, especially when you’re building applications that will be generating a huge number of transactions as CryptoFights does.

“We started on Ethereum and I told the story of having to go through that pain and then switching to something else and building out the infrastructure for our application to work,” Kling said.

“We also got into making sure that if you’re going to start building on a blockchain, what to look for. And I gave some examples of some projects that didn’t think about that and had major, major problems not only with the blockchain, but also security issues and whatnot,” Kling added.

Coming to NYC all the way from Australia, Tokenized Co-Founder and CEO James Belding presented the concept behind Tokenized and how investors in the audience can benefit from it.

“I think there’s so much misinformation and misunderstanding about how all this works- blockchain more generally, tokens, smart contracts. There’s a really big value proposition to be out here. It’s mainstream. You don’t have to talk technical to understand it,” Belding explained.

“It impacts a lot of these guys—a lot these investors, all these fund managers—how they deal with the kind of things that we are working on on a daily basis,” he added.

For me in particular, it was a special treat to finally meet in person Joshua Henslee, a CoinGeek contributor and an entrepreneur, one of my favorite educators in the BSV blockchain space via his CoinGeek articles and YouTube channel.

Henslee was actually one of the first professionals to introduce the Unbounded team to BSV, thanks to a series of Bitcoin meetups in San Francisco a few years back. Through conversations at these meetups and the independent research that followed, Unbounded came to the same conclusions as Henslee regarding the unique powers of the BSV blockchain protocol.

Henslee went on to express that he was delighted to be in NYC and had nothing but positive feedback about the event itself and the organizers behind it.

“Everything is very high quality and I think the reason is because it is an invite only and private event, but also intended to capture people not necessarily in the crypto space,” he commented.

“And what I find interesting is even though the content is around Bitcoin SV, which is a pariah in the industry, the people, because I think they’re outside in their objective, they are very captivated,” he said.

“What I’ve seen in normal public events- or typical crypto ones–is there’s a lot of multitasking, folks on the phones and on the computers. But here I see people engaged in asking good questions, which I’m very happy to see,” Henslee added.

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