CoinGeek London Conference 2020 Day 1 recap

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Nearly a thousand attendees gathered at Old Billingsgate for Day 1 of the CoinGeek London Conference 2020 to learn more about the explosive growth in the world of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Association’s founding president and host of the event, Jimmy Nguyen, welcomed entrepreneurs, developers, and members of the Bitcoin ecosystem who are celebrating “a new dawn for Bitcoin.”

“It is truly a historic moment and even in Bitcoin’s journey,” Nguyen said in his opening speech. “We’ve been diverted, but thanks to the Genesis hard fork and protocol update that happened on February 4th, 11 years, one month and one day since the beginning of the Bitcoin blockchain. We have returned to Genesis, and it is truly a new dawn.”

The morning sessions delved into Bitcoin SV’s technical updates. BSV Node Project Lead Developer Daniel Connolly gave a preview of the Teranode project, which will represent the Bitcoin Server Network. Brad Kristensen talked about BSV Scaling Test Network’s progress and plans for the future, while nChain CTO and BSV Node Project Technical Director Steve Shadders announced one more hard fork change—Chronicles, which will return Bitcoin’s original difficulty-adjustment mechanism.

Shadders also took some time to thank the miners and developers who have supported BSV in its first 15 months, particularly the people behind the BSV Node Project who made the Genesis protocol upgrade possible. He told us:

It was an extraordinary effort. In fact, the Bitcoin SV team grew during the process because we realized that we needed more people and in fact, for a short period of time, we actually started cannibalizing other teams from nChain. They were working on different projects and brought them in, so it was a lot of late nights. I’m really proud of the way the team pulled it off. They basically did the impossible. Genesis is the kind of thing where you cannot reduce the scope, and you cannot change the date. It just had to be done, and they stepped up and did it.


Shadders and Nguyen also announced the “BSV Developer Training Initiatives,” which will have training materials that enterprises can uses to easily onboard new Bitcoin developers.

Paul Rajchgod, managing director of Private Equity Investment of Ayre Group, talked about investing in the Bitcoin ecosystem, while Fundstrat Global Advisors Managing Partner Thomas Lee and Senior Research Analyst David Grider shared their analysis of the cryptocurrency markets as well as their thoughts about cryptocurrency.

Ryan X. Charles unveiled two new Money Button features: Automatic Money Button and Invisible Money Button.

“Invisible Money Button is the same thing as Automatic Money Button. The application is granted permission from the user to swipe the button on the user’s behalf, but actually there’s no button at all. The button is invisible. What that enables is completely customize user experience in the application,” he said.

HandCash’s Alex Agut and Rafael Seibane discussed how to build better Bitcoin apps with HandCash Connect, while Lorien Gamaroff announced Personal Paymail on Centbee, Jack Liu revealed his new venture fund Output Capital, and Michael Hudson talked about Bitstocks’ new mission.

The afternoon sessions included a panel discussion with TAAL CEO Angela Holowaychuk and Mempool founder and CEO Lin Zheming, moderated by Steve Shadders, focusing on the new mining transaction fee economy with Bitcoin SV.

Operate creator Aaron Russell, Tokenized co-founder and CEO James Belding, Run CEO Brenton Gunning, Planaria Corp.’s Sean Pollock, sCrypt founder and CEO Xiaohui Liu, CEO Darren Kellenschwiler, Kronoverse founder and CEO Adam Kling, BitBoss CEO Matt Dickson, UptimeSV Dean Little, and Codugh co-founder and CEO Shashank Singhal delivered presentations—and made some announcements about their own projects—on how BSV powers the future of innovation.


Layer2 Technologies CTO Eli Afram, Tokenized UK Managing Director Andrew Baxter, MUFG Bank Malaysia Executive Advisor for Islamic Banking Window Masumi Hamahira, and Avaloq developer for Basler Kantonalbank Holger Vogel sat down for a discussion on the future of financial assets and regulation on the blockchain.

Finally, Dr. Craig Wright delivered his Satoshi Vision—this time focusing on the “correct understanding of Bitcoin.” And before closing the day, Dr. Wright has this to say to developers and entrepreneurs in attendance:

One word: more. I want you to create something that I would never envision. I want you to create something that anyone out there will tell you is not possible, something that might take millionths of a cent over channels that close for a cent every now and again that seemed impossible just a few years ago. Ideas that no one ever thought of, I want you to build it.

There’s plenty more in store for Day 2 of the CoinGeek London Conference 2020, so make sure to tune in to CoinGeek and watch our daily highlight videos.

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