CoinGeek London: Bitcoin SV Wiki and BSV Devcon revealed

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In his first speech of CoinGeek London 2020, nChain Technical Director Steve Shadders spoke about the need for dedicated Bitcoin script engineers. Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen then took the stage to highlight the path to that expertise, delivering a talk with Shadders on “BSV Developer Training Initiatives.”

Before bringing Shadders back to the stage, Nguyen noted that one of the most frequent requests the Bitcoin Association gets from enterprises is for more developer training. They are addressing this need by creating a formal education and curriculum to provide developers learning about Bitcoin.


This training will come in every imaginable form, including written materials, PowerPoint presentations, video and other materials and online materials to provide a full curriculum and development courses. Ultimately, enterprises can use these materials to more easily onboard new Bitcoin developers.

The end goal, Nguyen noted, “is to have a BSV developer certification process, through which you will go through educational training that we will provide, or partners will provide. And we’ll have an assessment system so that developers around the world can be an official Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV script engineer.”

Shadders then walked the crowd through what shape one of these training initiatives will take. He commented that the old Bitcoin wiki is easy enough for a veteran of BSV to understand, but new developers need something without “all the rubbish.” So first up, nChain has published a new Bitcoin SV Wiki. It’s been peer reviewed and reviewed by Steve Shadders personally, and went live as of 9:00am on February 20.

It has 87 pages to it so far, and Shadders notes that it’s a “minimum viable product” for initial release, with more to come. You can already check it out at


Nguyen then returned to talk about the launch of standalone BSV Devcons. The first event of this series will take place in San Francisco, California between June 27-28 at the W hotel. Pre-registration is already open at

These events will feature workshops, educational opportunities and presentations from men like Shadders and Dr. Craig Wright, and others from the nChain team. A second event is planned for 2020, but Nguyen noted that exact details are still being determined.

Don’t miss out on the rest of CoinGeek London. The event is being livestreamed by CoinGeek, and you can catch Day 1 here.

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