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BTC Ordinals: A mind shift that favors BSV blockchain

Data on Bitcoin is good. Recently, the BTC Ordinals have sparked a discussion in the digital asset sphere on whether BTC is only “digital gold” or could do more than that.

For people involved in the BSV blockchain, this discussion is ridiculous. We have been putting data on Bitcoin since at least 2018. Low-cost transactions, valuing data with the use of blockchain—Bitcoin SV is a precision tool literally for everyone.

Yet, the BTC Ordinals are interesting. I do not care whether the BTC crowd will stick with it or not. There is a high chance that BTC Ordinals will be censored by the centralized partnership that runs BTC.

A mind shift, thanks to BTC Ordinals

Now that some people in BTC are using BTC for something other than just waiting for the next pump on an exchange, a mind shift has happened. The limited block size of BTC is a problem for what the Ordinal enthusiasts would like to do.

This mind shift means BTCers are “infected” with the idea of data on Bitcoin. A phenomenon that cannot be reversed. Sooner or later, BTC Ordinal services will want to run their projects on a blockchain that offers low-cost transactions and unlimited block sizes, which are precisely the key features of the original Bitcoin as in the BSV blockchain.

People have always wanted Bitcoin. Not the so-called altcoins, but Bitcoin. A digital cash system that is for payments, and for anything data driven one could imagine.

Remember, famous economist George Gilder said:

The key thing to understand, this is an economy of mind and economy of mind can change as fast as minds can change.

That is what we are talking about here. A sudden mind shift. Furthermore, Gilder also stated:

BSV is the epitome of information economy.

We recommend watching this presentation by Gilder, where he pointed out the obvious:

YouTube video

What about Dr. Craig Wright in all of this?

The BTC crowd was conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to literally hate Dr. Craig Wright—the inventor of Bitcoin. That was accomplished through a vicious commercial attack on Bitcoin SV and the entities that enabled it to prosper.

However, due to the BTC Ordinals mind shift, people will now wonder: was it not Dr. Wright who preached about data on Bitcoin for years? Here is an example from way back in 2014:

YouTube video

Click on that video. I have time-stamped it for you. Dr. Wright said that Bitcoin is the future of everything—and explained the various data-driven opportunities.

In this article, I have shown that Dr. Wright has been consistent with his vision for Bitcoin since at least 2014. That is almost a decade. Furthermore, here you can see that Dr. Wright has basically been working on Bitcoin since 1998.

The conclusion? BTC Ordinals is rocket fuel for the BSV blockchain

Entrepreneurs within the BSV blockchain ecosystem are already active in the BTC Ordinals space. For example, RelayX has enabled a way for BSV token holders to directly inscribe to BTC:

What does that mean? This is just the beginning.

It means that Bitcoin, as envisioned by its creator, has always been the same. Whoever tries to run anything with the BTC Ordinals is most welcome to do the same on Bitcoin SV. It will be a far better experience. The competitive edges with using BSV blockchain are obvious: cheaper, faster, and law abiding.

The mind shift is greater than we can imagine:

Watch: Joshua Henslee’s opinion on Ordinals NFTs

YouTube video

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