Nobody is attacking Craig Wright

We have witnessed years of harassment against Dr. Craig Wright, but it might be time to wake up to the fact that nobody is actually attacking him.

The attacks we have seen from within the digital asset sphere are not directed to the person Dr. Craig Wright or Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Bitcoin itself, as a brand and as a technology, is under attack.

In the war on Bitcoin, Dr. Craig Wright seemed to be an easy target—or perhaps the most obvious one to assault in order to make sure Bitcoin would either be stopped. Or at least slowed down a bit.

Bitcoin as Bitcoin SV (BSV) is not under attack, not even discussed!

For example: while Dr. Craig Wright has been perceived negatively for his latest legal steps, and the same sources that try to make him appear as “the bad guy” never mention Bitcoin SV (BSV) and its technological successes. 

Just a few days ago, a world record 638MB block has been mined on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Breaking news, but silence from “the crypto sphere” about it. 

In February, there was another world record of 16.4 million transactions in a Bitcoin SV testnet block. Silence again.

When someone from outside the digital asset sphere realizes Bitcoin SV’s capabilities and writes about it, that person is sure to get harassed by the same personnel that also target Dr. Craig Wright:

YouTube video

So we have people harassed, and the technology is silenced—why?

Imagine you have a huge business that becomes obsolete if a certain technology is being adopted. 

Now imagine that technology actually helps people, and makes their lives better. How do you stop that technology?

You cannot persuade the public to believe a technology is bad if that technology indeed makes their lives better. You could spend uncountable amounts of money into influencing the perception of that technology, but sooner or later truth breaks through. 

So, how to stop it? And if you cannot stop it, how do you slow down its adoption? 

Painting an advantageous technology as bad is not working. However, painting certain persons as bad is extremely effective.

This is it. 

You do not attack the technology itself, you attack the personnel. Painting people as bad, immoral or dangerous is easy. Look at politics, it works the same way there. 

When you cannot attack a valid political idea, you simply present the public figures of that political idea as bad, immoral or dangerous. 

This is easy; this has been done since forever.

Why Dr. Craig Wright though?

Dr. Craig Wright has all it takes to be the number one target. 

On the one hand, you have his unconventional personality that can be exploited as an attack vector. On the other hand, his deep educational background is easy to portray as a barrier to average people.

YouTube video

Furthermore, Dr. Craig Wright is on his way to prove to the world that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. This changes everything. 

There are large amounts of Bitcoins associated with the property of Satoshi Nakamoto, too. Hence the panic. 

How to damage the Bitcoin (BSV) brand?

The real Bitcoin (BSV) is a serious threat to BTC, to the “crypto cartel” and to people in power who dislike growth for political and personal reasons. 

So, how to damage the Bitcoin brand if you cannot stop world record breaking Bitcoin (BSV) itself? 

  1. Distract from discussions about technology by discussing personnel/personalities instead
  2. Choose one victim 
  3. Make sure the public associates that individual with the technology and vice versa
  4. Deploy all assets on damaging the reputation of that individual
  5. Repeat 4. And do it harder
  6. Do 5. Harder now
  7. Do it harder
  8. Do not stop

Damaging Bitcoin? It was that easy.

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