Erik Gibbs

BitPay now accepts Bitcoin BCH payments via CoinText

The CoinText Bitcoin BCH wallet was only introduced a few months ago. However, it has continued to innovate and gain a significant user base, most recently expanding into Israel, Palestine and Hong Kong. Now, the wallet’s developers have taken things a step further and have announced that users can make BitPay invoices payments with the wallet.

CoinText works differently than other wallets. It allows a wallet user to send Bitcoin BCH to anyone using either a Bitcoin BCH address or a telephone number. It has received substantial praise for being able to provide cryptocurrency functionality to those where the Internet is not present and for providing a method for individuals to still be able to conduct business in the event that the Internet goes down.

With the latest integration, Bitcoin BCH adoption and acceptance gets a little easier. Any time there are more options to make payments, the ecosystem benefits. Typically, making BitPay payments isn’t a hassle, but having the CoinText option ensures that there is more flexibility and a secondary system in place, should it be needed.

Through the new feature, CoinText wallet users can freely spend Bitcoin BCH at any retailer that uses BitPay through a simple SMS text message. Depending on where the user and retailer are located, this is a huge advantage, as some malls in certain countries, for example, have no Internet access, or a saturation issue that makes it difficult to connect in a timely manner.

An individual doesn’t need to have a CoinText wallet to receive a transfer. If Bitcoin BCH is sent to a phone number that’s stored in a smartphone’s address book, CoinText will automatically create the wallet and deposit the currency. From there, that user will also be provided a link to instructions on how to use cryptocurrency and the wallet.

The addition of the BitPay support may not seem like a big deal to crypto enthusiasts in Western countries, but it should definitely be a huge success in developing and third-world countries. It’s another example of how cryptocurrencies—especially Bitcoin BCH—are continuing to develop and an important step to expand adoption of Bitcoin BCH, the only cryptocurrency that has maintained a retail focus among the digital currencies now available.

CoinText is now available in the U.S., 16 countries in the European Union, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, Israel and Palestine. Its beauty is in its simplicity and the ability to literally reach anyone, anywhere in the world with nothing more than a phone number.

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (SegWit) chain are referenced as SegWitCoin BTC coins. Altcoins, which value privacy, anonymity, and distance from government intervention, are referenced as dark coins.

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