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FTX cryptocurrency trading application on a smartphone in hand against the background of monitors with financial charts
Business 11 November 2022

FTX implosion is the real ‘red wave’

This week’s dramatic implosion of the FTX exchange continues to disgorge a seemingly nonstop parade of machinations and sordid revelations that threatens to engulf the entire digital asset sector.

FTX has launched tokenized stock trading pairs
Business 29 October 2020

FTX launches tokenized equity trading

FTX, the digital currency derivatives exchange, has just launched tokenized equities trading; FTX users can now trade digital currency for tokenized stocks.

logo of the FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange is displayed on a smartphone screen
Business 16 November 2022

Japan orders FTX to suspend operations

FTX Japan has gone into “close-only” mode, where users can only close out existing positions but can’t create new ones following the FSA’s suspension order.

FTX Token (FTT)
Business 15 December 2022

Senate committee digs into the burst FTX bubble

Wednesday's Senate hearing on the FTX debacle saw groups of speakers clash on whether there is a need to regulate the digital asset class or stop governments from interfering with the market.

Concept with bitcoins and falling candle graph
Editorial 19 December 2022

Bitcoin futures surge despite FTX collapse

The FTX's implosion led to prices of some virtual currencies tumbling, while other tokens skyrocketed because the 'crypto' market is not based on utility but rather on speculation.