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Thoughts on the recent Satoshi Nakamoto posts on X

We find ourselves in a situation where the original Satoshi Nakamoto profile is active on X (formerly Twitter) again. The @satoshi handle now posts crucial Bitcoin knowledge that may have been misunderstood by the digital asset community so far.

Keep in mind that the @satoshi handle is verified on X. Yes, verified!

What were these community notes on the Satoshi Nakamoto profile about?

The first few posts from the @satoshi account in 2023 were smeared with community notes from X users. These community notes claimed that the account is controlled by Dr. Craig Wright and therefore could not be trusted—without sufficient explanation, though.

Screenshot of Satoshi Nakamoto's tweet on X
Source: : @satoshi profile on X, formerly Twitter

So, I clicked on the links given in the above-shown community note, and it led me to assumptions and gossip from highly questionable “sources,” these links did not lead me to evidence for fraud.

It is worth noting that the content of the above-shown post by Satoshi Nakamoto focuses on Bitcoin technicalities; it is about OP_Codes and script language. The community note makes no sense in that regard, as it does not debate the content of the post.

That community note is about a person who “should not be trusted,” but the post was about OP_Codes and script language, so what does that have to do with any person? I would have liked a community note giving further information about OP_Codes or script language regarding Bitcoin or refuting the Satoshi Nakamoto post on a factual basis.

However, these community notes have not shown up anymore on the recent posts. It could be that the X team monitoring such activities concerning defamation via community notes intervened accordingly.

Satoshi Nakamoto is educating Bitcoiners on X now

In this post from November 3, 2023, titled The Economic System that is Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto tells us:

By having a fixed total supply (21mm) that eventually runs out, you encourage economic growth around the system to enable it to sustain itself.

It seems to me that Satoshi Nakamoto is trying to tell us that the limited supply of the informational commodity that Bitcoin has reasons way beyond holding the asset for price speculation. We have reported on this before: Why Bitcoin’s supply is limited.

The limited supply is neither for you nor anyone to “get rich quick” by luring others into buying Bitcoin and “pump your bags.” Bitcoin is an economic system that allows us to value data on a microscopic level. By this and Bitcoin’s stable foundation, as in having a locked protocol, we actually use Bitcoin and not simply trade with it on shady exchanges that eventually rug us all.

Famous economics George Gilder understood the true potential of Bitcoin early on. Interestingly, Gilder will soon appear on the Bitcoin Beyond Satoshi podcast on X. That podcast is hosted by Zack Weiner and Alex Vidal—both have been hosting recent CoinGeek X Spaces. To join the upcoming X Space with Gilder, look no further than here.

Satoshi Nakamoto ‘tweeting’ non-stop about Bitcoin

In another X post titled The Fee Market, Satoshi Nakamoto says:

The majority of the world can not interact, trade, or connect with each other when the transaction fee is too large. To grow to global usage, there must be micro-transactions so that everyone can transact. This is a key important element.

Bitcoiners would love to see “global usage” of Bitcoin, but Satoshi Nakamoto is right. We cannot get there if the digital asset solely remains a weird trading vehicle. With microtransactions, we enable connectivity and economic growth.

We encourage you to not only read the X posts by Satoshi Nakamoto but also have a look at the comments from the readers. People are asking questions. They want to know more about the true potential of Bitcoin and may feel that they have been deceived about it for a long time.

For example, one X user asked whether Satoshi Nakamoto promises a so-called Layer-2-Solution on BTC. From what I am reading on the @satoshi handle, quite the opposite is the case. Bitcoin enables microtransactions on the base level—no further layers are necessary.

Another X user commented that the BSV Blockchain already does microtransactions on its so-called Layer-1. Correct! It does.

What Satoshi Nakamoto is NOT telling us on X – so far!

There are still a lot of unanswered questions:

  • Who is running the @satoshi handle?
  • Why has it been reactivated now and not before?
  • Will Satoshi Nakamoto reveal himself on X?
  • How was the profile verified, and what does that indicate?
  • What is Elon Musk, the owner of X, thinking about it?

It is safe to assume that the X profile of Satoshi Nakamoto will continue to grow in followers. Over 100,000 followers as of writing this article, and still counting.

Bitcoiners finally have the opportunity to hear unfiltered information about the informational commodity that Bitcoin is, directly from its creator.

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