Latest Bitcoin script News

close up image of bitcoin placed on blue circuit board
Tech 29 November 2023

Bitcoin is the exchange

sCrypt released a blog and implementation of token limit orders using Bitcoin script—an evolution of the on-chain Order Lock technology, allowing purchases of tokens and NFTs directly on-chain.

Satoshi Nakamoto's profile photo on X
Editorial 16 November 2023

Thoughts on the recent Satoshi Nakamoto posts on X

The X account of @satoshi has been dubbed fraud by the community hating on Dr. Craig Wright, but it cannot be denied that its tweets are rooted in Satoshi's original Bitcoin protocol.

Address bar of a web browser
Tech 31 August 2023

Mine your own domain with OP_NS

Creating unique domain names is now easy with the release of the OP_NS protocol, allowing users to mine in their web browser, list the sale on the global order book, or send it to another wallet.

Gold Bitcoin on the back of the motherboard
Tech 29 June 2023

The decentralized, on-chain global order book

The global order book provides an improved user experience across marketplaces, allowing sellers to list products on sale and sync them to all markets immediately, feats that BTC has yet to achieve.