This is how Bitcoin SV-powered Metanet will transform the Internet

This is how Bitcoin SV-powered Metanet will transform the Internet

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The Internet has come a long way from the 1990s, when the world’s first website and server went live at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, there’s no denying that the Internet has transformed how we live and operate. But now it’s time for the next game-changer: the Metanet.

Announced last week at the CoinGeek Week Conference in London, the Metanet project will power and integrate the Internet through the Bitcoin blockchain. The groundbreaking project is the brainchild of nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright, and will see “the Internet becomes a sidechain.” nChain, the blockchain technology research and development firm, will develop the Metanet exclusively on Bitcoin SV (BSV), which follows the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin.

Wright describes the Metanet as “a value network,” where the entire global system of online activity and data are connected commercially. Essentially, the Metanet will use BSV to transfer compressed data, enabling reliable, semi-automated exchange of web page and other information.

Metanet will pave the way for new methods of distributing web content as well as facilitating eCommerce business models using Bitcoin microtransactions—meaning companies can earn instantly for clicks, content, and data. Potential fraud incidents will also be reduced, thanks to the higher data quality and integrity provided by blockchain-backed data storage.

According to nChain, Metanet will enable business models that are previously not economically feasible on the Internet. These include solutions that authorize secure access to web content, social media accounts and distributed systems, in real time and with private identity; internet search, information and content services that rely on micropayments instead of traditional advertising models; business models for real-time and secure pay-per-use of content and digital assets; integrated wallet systems; automated contracts for and distribution of purchased digital and physical products; verifiable, traceable and real-time supply chain management; automated form-free and real-time insurance policies, and secure real-time event ticket, transportation and hotel bookings.

“The Metanet will enhance, then eventually drive the Internet, making Bitcoin SV the global public ledger that underpins all Internet activity,” nChain Group CEO Jimmy Nguyen said in a statement. “It is a mind-blowing concept with limitless possibilities based on the additional security, efficiency, and data integrity of the blockchain, and is another part of Craig Wright’s vision for unleashing Bitcoin’s true power.”

Metanet is “an enormous undertaking,” even for a firm like nChain, which noted that the project “will take time to specify and deliver in a business-friendly form.” To make this a reality, the blockchain tech firm is continuing its work to progressively develop the Metanet and also doubling down to find the perfect collaboration partners for the project.

“We have taken the initial steps, and know it will take work with others to make the Metanet a reality,” Nguyen said.

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