Dr. Craig Wright to transform the internet

Announcement at CoinGeek Week Conference, Friday, 30th November

The ever controversial Bitcoin visionary, Craig Wright, is set to use his presentation at CoinGeek Week to outline how he sees the entire Internet changing. Internet 2.0, if you will. The conference is focused on the rebirth of Bitcoin in the form of Bitcoin SV, the original bitcoin offering scalability that adheres to Satoshi’s Vision.

Dr. Wright will explain how the Internet should, in fact, evolve to become a side chain on Bitcoin. #LBYT: Listen Before You Troll!

Friday, the third and final day of CoinGeek Week will examine the future of Bitcoin with speakers including writer and comedian Dominic Frisby, Jerry Chan (SBI Holdings) and Michael Hudson from Bitstocks. Michael will also be using the platform to announce a major new development, Introducing Gravity: The Bitstocks Ecosystem – Big Reveal.

The conference is at The Mermaid in Puddle Dock, London in the heart of the old-fashioned financial district and some tickets are still available.

Come and see Dr Wright’s ambition of what the Internet as a whole can become and the one thing you know for sure? It won’t be boring!

The Genesis protocol upgrade on February 4, 2020 is a monumental step in the history of Bitcoin, and will see BSV returned as close as possible to the original protocol as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto. Visit the Genesis Hard Fork page to learn more.

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