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3D illustration global modern creative communication and internet network map connect in smart city
Business 28 November 2023

Paper Synthesis: Decentralized development

In this paper, Dr. Craig Wright zooms in on decentralized systems and how such networks have the potential to unlock innovation, promote collaboration, and empower people on a global scale.

Free the Data
Editorial 21 November 2023

Free the data!

Social media CEOs from tech giants like Twitter and Facebook were able to build some of the greatest wealth (and power) in the world's history by selling their users' aggregate data.

Untangling Web3 Podcast
Business 19 September 2023

‘Untangling Web3’ podcast #4 recap: Micropayments

In this fourth episode of the UW3 Podcast, hosts Jack Davies and Alec Burns unravel the importance of micropayments in the Web3 landscape and how businesses and enterprises could leverage this.

Close up shot of Businessman in black suit with bitcoin symbol hologram effect isolated on background
Business 9 August 2023

The tokenized Internet

NFTs are more than just speculative artifacts that many are led to believe, and this will only be realized once actual utility comes in.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency with digital blue background
Editorial 31 May 2023

Pluralism and unification

When it comes to the core base protocol of the Internet, there is no pluralism, and unification is the only way to go.

Cave painting of primitive hunt
Editorial 30 May 2023

The beginning of History

Storing data via paper has been going around for centuries, but the advent of blockchain technology brings a new life to how humans record information.